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About LDMC Canada

The Last Disciples Motorcycle Club is an independent, traditional motorcycle club upholding the tradition and culture of a motorcycle club. We wear a three-piece patch in addition to the MC. We do not claim territory.

We are a motorcycle club comprised of men from all different walks of life who love to ride, love to serve and love the motorcycle community.  We are not a support club but we do support the clubs in our area.  We support those who support us. 

Last Disciples MC came to Ontario, Canada in 2016. Originally an extension of the US Last Disciples MC we served and worked as a united club. Canadian members made the trip out to the mother chapter in California and attended events in the American South West where we grew and built strong bonds with our American brothers.

As growth sometimes does, there came a time for change.  The Canadian members eventually made the decision to develop the Canadian Last Disciples MC as an independent club, under a new patch, and renewed leadership.

When it came time to design and launch our new patch, there were many aspects to keep in mind; history, respect, and future.  We flew our previous patch with the respect of the dominant clubs and their supporters. We built relationships and maintained respect. When designing our patch, we chose to maintain the overall setup, especially the offset bottom rocker and the MC diamond.  The other changes are deliberate and purposeful.

Our Name

Last Disciples.  Simply put, we were not the first Disciples but in the end we will be the Last Disciples.

Out Centre Patch

With our origins, the centre patch was named Paul. We read about two men, Paul and Barnabas, who served together.  In time, differences arose and the pair went their separate ways.  Our centre patch honours our beginnings while changing with the times.  Barnabas continues to smile knowing who we are. We proudly wear Barnabas on our backs, not as something to idolize or fear, but to show our confidence and identity as a club.


Our Bottom Rocker

LDMC does not claim territory but we are Canadian. True to Canadian culture and pride in the north, we are Strong and Free.

Our MC Diamond

We deeply respect the diamond as a significant symbol of MC culture. Our origins symbolized breaking from the past but honouring the roots of founding members. We have been fortunate to wear an MC diamond since 2016 and we continue to honour that legacy.


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